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Infinity Masks are for Kids too!

Bee Borromeo

Posted on July 03 2020

Infinity Masks are for kids too! This is my 9 yr old nephew who wears this mask as a face covering, cap, beanie, neck warmer, headband, or wrist band. They come in 1 size that fit both adults and kids. Washable, reusable, and breathable. More comfortable than the regular masks. Lots of colorful hand drawn designs to choose from. I can also make custom designs. Contact me :)

Different Ways to Wear the Infinity Mask Face Covering

Bee Borromeo

Posted on July 01 2020

Check out this quick video on different ways I like wear my Infinity Mask. These are washable, reusable, and breathable. Come in 1 unisex size that fit adults and kids. I think these are much more comfortable than the regular masks. And lots of colorful hand drawn designs to choose from! I can also make custom designs. 

Shop for them here: Infinity Masks 

7 Ways to Wear a Bomber Jacket

Team Stylist

Posted on June 01 2019

Whether it's summer or fall, our range of unisex, trans-seasonal bomber jackets are just the thing you didn’t realize you NEED! Made with luxe velvet in a variety of colours, they are ultra comfortable and versatile. Inspired by retro-style streetwear, these are timeless and we’ll show how you can pair ‘em up in so many ways… 

Dress it Up

Girls, grab your favorite sparkly dress or fabulous trousers. Guys, put on your best button down or jumper. Bomber jackets aren't just for casual days out.Shop the look (left to right): 1. Burgundy + Silver Bomber Jacket  2. Signature Black + Gold Bomber Jacket  3. Ultra Pink + Silver Bomber Jacket 


Dress Down Day

If you’re just grabbing a drink & catching up with your mates, be relaxed. Dress down in your fav jeans, t-shirt and trainers. Keep your look cas’ for a complete streetwear vibe. 

Shop the look (left to right): 1. Bordeaux "Hell's Kitchen" Jacket 2. Dark Grey + Navy/Red and Burgundy Bomber Jacket 3. Evergreen Bomber Jacket 


Layer Up

The best part? The jackets are trans-seasonal - great for all seasons. You have options all year ‘round. Layer up when there’s a bit of a chill in the air – over your jumper or under your winter coat. Or pair up with a cute summer dress in the warmer months.

Shop the look (left to right): 1. Off White Bomber Jacket 2. Dark Grey Bomber Jacket 3. New style coming soon


Draped (Over or Off ) Shoulder

It’s another way to layer it up - simple & slight glam. Just drape your jacket over a dress or sleeveless top. 

Shop the look (left to right): 1. Dark Grey Bomber Jacket 2. Ultra Pink Bomber Jacket 3. Signature Black + Gold Bomber Jacket 


Make a Statement

Walk into a room and make a statement. Our bespoke statement jackets are a form of expression - who you are, where you're from, what you believe in. So say it out loud or, well, on a jacket. 

Shop the look (left to right): 1. CITY OF DREAMS bomber jacket SHOREDITCH bomber jacket 2. I MISS THE OLD NEW YORK bomber jacket EVERY CITY NEEDS A LOWER EAST SIDE bomber jacket 3. EAST LONDON bomber jacket


Accessorize It

Style up your jacket with accessories. A sleek watch. Grab your fav sunglass & pair up with some platforms and a simple dress. Look hawt in some fishnets & trainers. Carry your best pop-color handbag! Some bold earrings, a scarf, a hat. Options are endless.

Shop the look (left to right): 1. Evergreen Bomber Jacket 2. Signature Black + Gold Bomber Jacket 3. Burgundy Bomber Jacket 4. Off White Bomber Jacket


Twinning with HipsterPups!

HipsterPups is a streetwear range for your pups. The bomber jackets are just like ours, but for our furry friends A percentage of the proceeds goes to the SPCA International to help advance a cruelty free world for animals.